Abstract human forms generating emotions and moods.


Going places and seeing things you wouldn’t normally consider tourist shots. Seeing things others miss. Different aesthetics. Not you average sightseer.

Not Your Average Sightseer

A selection of images done for short articles and through the Focus Central Photographic Agency events. For more information on Focus Central and to get in touch, click on the link above or contact me here.  

Article images and Event images

  This is a body of work inspired by the works of Jeff Zimmer ( http://www[…]

Stained Glass Eyes.

It’s still yet moves. Gracefully, erratically, emotionally, provocatively. It’s still, yet it moves.

A Story About Movement

A series of images from an ongoing project of fashion being brought back to film[…]

Fashion on Film

On a lot of occasions I assist a Nottingham based photographer on various projects from personal shoots to workshops and short film projects[…]

Behind the Scenes

A project based on Gender and how our lifestyles are shaped by the media and lifestyle industries. A humourous and also serious view.