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Cinematic stills

I have a long term plan to aim a lot of my work towards that of a cinematic feel but captured in a still format.

When I’m doing personal work, or assignments for clients (should they allow) I look for elements of inspirations from the moving picture and form a still narrative.

Most of these inspirations stem from the 50’s icons such as Audrey Hepburn, of who’m I admire a lot.

Cindy Sherman is also an inspiration having looked at and researched her cinematic selfies. Of course I could not imagine myself being the subject of my own work as I find I’m the other side of photogenic so I use those I myself find aesthetically pleasing.

Most of the subjects within this series are close friends or people I have met briefly and connected with ease. None more so than Ava and her mother who participate in/become involved with my projects quite a lot.

Ava has a unique appearance and I feel, has a bright future ahead of her whichever direction she chooses to take.

Beth also has features I find work very well in front of the lens. We were actually inspired by the looks Marcella Detroit has and she was the perfect choice.

Laura is also a rising star and has featured on catwalks in Manchester, London, Leicester amongst some of the other major events and cities in the UK and beyond.

Myself and a friend, Lazlo, were in Tokyo, Japan and it was there met a new friend, Hibi. We had sea food and then created stories. So many memories. She also spoke better English than I did so that was a bonus!

Aimee is relatively new to all this but in a short space of time she has become a hit with photographers far and wide and has also become a good personal friend. She has a beautiful heart that is seen in her everyday work life by some of the disabled folk she commits to caring for.

Life is a blessing with people like these guys who give their time to help me and others achieve goals.

3 of Hearts.
Ava Chapman.
Ava Chapman.
We all cast judgement.
We’re all guilty.
Ava Chapman.
Aimee Simpson.
An honest moment.
Ava Chapman.
A brief glance.
Beth Eve.
Laura Prusak.
Ava Chapman.
Neon Souls.
Ava Chapman.
He’s arrived.
Ava Chapman.
I wish one day you will be with me.
Lazlo Hangonyi.

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